Usually we help our customers to develop their dissertations, theses, essays, research projects, lab reports, etc.

We help students and professionals in different ways of requirements. Customers are able to request products at any level and the compensation for a higher level of complexity product is higher than at other writing companies


  • Flexible writing schedules
  • Wide variety of topics to choose
  • Compensation rates that are really corresponding to the requirements
  • Wide range of assignments that are available for writing

How to start

  1. Fill out and submit the application form
  2. Proceed with the test-assignment that is sent to your mail
  3. Receive good compensation rates
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How much we are offering?

We offer more than other companies currently! Why? We value our professionals and know how to evaluate a project efficiently. About 85% of the customers who are placing orders with us are returning back for more. The price per page that we are offering our writers depends on the complexity, academic level and deadline therefore our prices start at 6$ per page normally which none of the current companies can offer, go ahead and try it out!


First of all we would like to inform you that we planned a few good bonus programs. So far there is an annual bonus program available. Top ten writers of the year will be granted the highest bonuses. There are also other possibilities. In case you want to find out more go ahead and apply. We have a promotion system for our writers which mean that you can get a promotion and get more orders and earn more with the best prices.

What makes us different from other writing companies is that we have a different fine policy that aims to lower fines. We don’t support heavy fines, degrades and other penalties but we want our writers to be responsible for those projects which they are receiving. We are 100% sure that you’ll be positively surprised by our system since it is user friendly and offers a lot. If any other question arises feel free to contact our Live Support Chat we’ll be more than happy assist you and to guide you!

How to start?

  1. 1. Please check out the terms and conditions and start filling out the application form. Providing your personal and professional information about your core subjects helps us find more relevant orders with your subjects in your domain area. Inform us about the way you could help the customers achieve their targets. Make sure you upload your CV or diploma on your application form.
  2. 2. Kindly wait for the confirmation mail from our Manager. Send your test-assignment to the provided e-mail and wait for the confirmation mail about your account that you should receive within the next 3 business days.
    Get your highest rank at town-writers.com and enjoy all the benefits!
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What we are trying to do really good is to pay our writers on time and well enough! Since the standards are high at our company we in return expect quality, professionally referenced unique products and product delivery. We got support representatives who are ready to help you with your cases and all kinds of questions from 9 am to 11 pm UK time.

“When I started cooperating with this company I didn’t think that it would turn out in a full-time writing job! Since I have many returning customers with town-writers.com I have a stable income during the whole year and not only during peak seasons. After trying so many other writing companies there has been almost no hope in finding something good and reliable. Thank you!”

Lisa, Platinum writer

“Job that gave my time a freedom! This is great, now I can do my job and have more free time than sitting at office the whole day! Thanks to the professional administrative personnel my position as a writer improved a lot with town-writers.com. I got more time for my family with this job. This is truly a new standard of how freelance writing should be treated. Don’t get scammed by other companies who are offering high offerings and in fact they are paying less! It is a great experience that saves money and time!”

John, Platinum writer
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